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MfS - Mindful Walking - Week 5

Take one small journey every day (walking is best) and be aware as you can be of your surroundings even if they’re not traditionally considered very beautiful!

SUGGESTION: Turn off any entertainment that you usually have on the journey. 

SUGGESTION: Do this on a solo journey (it’s hard to stay in the present when talking). 

Change your focus of attention regularly but stay in the present. Maybe go from close attention of something to a wide awareness and back for fun.

You could be aware of:

Yourself – all the many ways walking affects your body, arms swinging, tension in the neck, breathing pattern, temperature in different parts of the body. Things you touch (stair rails etc)

The environment – smells, sights, sounds, changing perspectives as you walk, feeling of the weather, architecture, cloud shapes.

Other people – Observe how they walk or dress, how aware they seem, how they interact with others or their environment.

Mindfulness for Singers (MfS)

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