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MfS - Mindful Movement Instructions

Practice before each singing lesson or singing practice or                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       once a day.

Mindful Movement MP3

5 Main Poses (Yoga)

-Usefulness for singing

Mountain Pose

-Excellent for posture and abdominal breath awareness.

Raising arms

-Opens ribcage, breath awareness

Bending at waist 

-Breathing into the back awareness

-Energises abdominal/diaphragm muscles

Shoulder rolls

-Tension out of shoulders

–Awareness of shoulder/upper arm tension

Neck rolls     

-Tension out of neck, back of neck lengthening awareness.

Mindful Movement Instructions

1.Standing in ‘Mountain Pose’ – feet grounded/head in clouds

2.Slowly raising both arms above the head and stretch, hold, then down

3.Standing in ‘Mountain Pose’ (to feel the effects of the stretch)

4.Slowly raising arms again – repeat and be aware of the breath now

5.Raise arms up and tilt waist to right (like a bending tree) and hold

6.Tilt waist to left and hold

7.Lower arms back to sides.

8.Standing in ‘Mountain Pose’ (to feel the effects of this stretch)

9.Shoulder Rolls (gentle/slow/mindful) 

10.Shoulder Rolls – reverse direction –be aware of breathing.

11.Mountain Pose

12.Forward bend slowly at the waist, hanging arms, relaxed neck, soft knees, breath awareness in back.

13.Slow return back to Mountain Pose

14.Chin lower to chest, roll left ear to left shoulder and to the right. Tune to sensations in head and neck.

Mindfulness for Singers (MfS)

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