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MfS - Mindful Listening - Week 4

Pick a piece of music every day – put aside some time to dedicate to listening to it without interruptions – for example….

·Something from your music collection or from the internet

MfS 8 Week Course Page

·A piece played or recommended by someone else

·A live performance

Start listening to the music…..

1.Take a quick body scan. Be aware of any current physical sensations, emotions or feelings. 

2.Then, focus on your favourite part of your breathing mechanism (nose, abdominals or something)

3.Then, take the breath into the music.

4.Be aware of any physical, emotional or feeling changes as a result of the music.

Open your ears and change focus regularly at will. Follow the rhythm, listen to inner parts, listen to the acoustics in which the music is played, listen to the colours and timbre of the voices or instruments, etc – aural awareness!

Be aware and stay with each note of the music in the present and mindfully.


Is your body responding to the music? 

Do your emotions change? 

Does your breathing change? 

If your body wants to move, do you choose to let it or do you hold it back?

And so on….

Pro singers often have to perform music they’d not choose to sing and in some cases, actually dislike.

So why not try this exercise with some music you don’t like. 

What effect does ‘being mindful’ have on music you don’t like?!

Mindfulness for Singers (MfS)

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