MfS - Mindful Breathing

Two Versions of Mindful Breathing:

Practice before each singing lesson or singing practice once a day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mindful Breathing Counting MP3 

This is usually done sitting (but can be done lying or standing, if you wish).

They are both 10 minutes long. 5 minutes with instruction and then 5 minutes to practice on your own with a farewell so you don’t have to watch the time.

Again, do this with one of the MP3’s because it’s so easy to daydream!


·Sit upright, back away from chair in an ‘attentive’ posture

·Hands on knees relaxed

·Feet flat on floor

·Eyes open or closed as desired

This is intensely focused and concentrative attention training.

There is plenty of time in this exercise to practice bringing your mind back to the focus, the sensations of your breathing, over and over again.

You’re learning to be aware of when the mind wanders and to gently and non-judgmentally bring your minds present moment awareness back to your breath.

General instructions for both versions.

Instructions for Mindful Breathing Counting

Follow the relevant MP3.

Count breaths up to a count of 10.

Breath in, breath out, count '1'.

Drop the count in at the end of each breath. Don’t worry if you get lost or go over 10 or your mind wanders, just restart again at 1.

The focus of the counting helps some people but annoys others.

Instructions for Mindful Breathing Journey

Follow the relevant MP3

Focus on a different part of the breathing mechanism with each complete in and out breath.

Don’t feel you have to change your breathing. Just become aware.

Be aware of the different sensations of breathing at each point in the breathing cycle. Be aware of air temperature changes, depth of breathing changes, any speed changes, muscular changes.

Enjoy this time to relax and become attentive to your breathing.

1. Nose

2. Throat

3. Lungs/Intercostal Muscles

4. Diaphragm

5. Abdominals

6. Lower back

7. Middle back

8. Upper back/shoulders

9. Neck lengthening

10. Nasal cavity

And back to Nose again. Repeat.

Good for Singers…..

Good for singers because if you’re really wanting to control performance nerves, you’ll need some non-stressful practice before taking on a more stressful test.

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