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Mindfulness for Singers (MfS)

MfS - Body Scan for Singers

Practice before each singing lesson or singing practice or                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           once a day.

Body Scan Instructions MP3

Body Scan MP3


Usually done lying down, this can be done sitting or standing. Just modify to suit.

Lying down

·On a bed or mat. Use a blanket and pillow for comfort/warmth

·Relax arms by side or resting on belly

·Legs down flat or bent at knees if back problems

·Closed eyes or open as you prefer


·Sit upright, back away from chair in an ‘attentive’ posture

·Eyes open or closed as desired

·Feet flat on floor

·Eyes open or closed as desired


·Standing in ‘mountain pose’ – Crown of head to sky and feet grounded on the floor

·Hands and arms relaxed by side

·Feet hips width for stability on floor

·Eyes open or closed as desired

Body scan

1.Taking the mind in the present moment, curiously, from body part to body part being aware of external and internal sensations. 

2.‘Breathing into’ any tensions or stresses found.

3.When your mind wanders (it always does – but that’s what we’re training) bring it gently back to the part of the body you wish to be aware of.

Follow the MP3 because this is a tricky one to do on your own until you’ve had some practice. It’s been specifically modified for singing.

Good for Singers….

Good for singers because it helps you be more aware of the physical sensations of singing. This can help with the comparison of old to new singing technique or developing more effective practice. Also good for helping you be more physically aware in acting and performance of songs.

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